Maggie Elkhouri

After Starting my higher studies in interior design school in the Lebanese University, I moved, after two years, to the Fine Arts School in the same university. After graduating in the year 1990, I started my collective and individual shows. My creative life was mostly divided between Lebanon and Greece where I took part in collective and one-woman-shows.
I participated in several shows in Jonkoping, after moving to Sweden.

In my work, I tend to experiment with new materials and methods, trying to interpret my own visions of human feelings, space and life around us. In my continuous search to reach that point I tried to make different materials interact in order to express the way I see the form and the content.

Along the way of experimenting with materials, I passed from mixed media on cardboard to papier mȃché. Now, as I am still working with papier mȃché, which is my favorite, I also work with ink and acrylic on paper. My urge for new conception will be expressed in new exhibitions with new materials and new methods.

Mobil:  0762 66 53 30
Instagram: maggieelkhouri

Maggie Elkhouri
Tornfalksgatan1  lGH 1603
556 14  Jönköping