Marcus Appelberg

Marcus-Appelberg-portraitThe more I look, the more these buildings form just another form of body, also aging. The wear of time. They get ulcers and scars. Get destroyed, fixed up, break down. They become vulnerable, despite their hard material.

For a long time, walls and cracks have occupied Marcus Appelberg. By combining elements of structural form, texture and a strong sense of color he creates images that become complex due to their sheer simplicity.
”… a sparse yet elaborate painting style. The small nuances, cracks and structures chronicle the relationship between walls and surfaces in an appealing way. Daring to be reductive at such a young age is courageous. His images form a coherent collection, enhancing each other. Nothing is left to chance”.

”The motif perplexes and confounds. So does the technique. What hides behind the secretive surface? Dull existence is likely closer than we think, and we are pulled into it regardless of whether we want to or not”.

In recent works the focal point has shifted increasingly to the nuances of the cityscape. Disparate objects out of context are meticulously studied and displaced to create new meaning. Wall structures are studied in detail, their texture almost turning into flesh. The color pink has long been on Appelberg’s palette, the color of organs. It flushes angry with red and falls ill with green, giving a sense of life to these inanimate objects. In drawings the color becomes the foundation for the elements depicted, challenging how we read ordinary objects found around the city.

Golnosh Hosseini
Berlin, 2015